UTA Rideshare mission

To educate the community concerning alternative transportation options and promote those options that reduce single occupancy vehicle usage, improve mobility, enhance air quality, and conserve energy.


Become a Part of the Solution

Use FrontRunner and Vans
If you need help with the last mile from a rail station to your worksite, try RideVan Plus. More info.

Score your work and residence on how walkable it is. Compare your score with others. More info.

News and Upcoming Events

UTA offers both on-demand bike lockers as well as long-term bike lockers. For the on-demand, go to Bikelink.org for all the details and to get your electronic card. 

Long-term lockers may be obtained by completing an application and agreement and by paying your fully refundable $30 key deposit. The first six month's rental is FREE.

Contact Mike Shaffer at 801-287-2132 for more information.