Carpooling benefits:
Save money - Improve air quality - Decrease traffic contestion - Reduce personal vehicle use.

"Carpool and save over $2,500 a year"
With the help of UTA Rideshare, carpooling is easy. What's more, the typical carpooler saves hundreds of dollars a year in commuting expenses-including gas, auto maintenance, car repairs and parking fees. In addition, on the days carpoolers don't drive, they get to work ready to work, having had an extra opportunity to read, study, work, or rest. Often, that can directly affect the employee's productivity and skill level.

Find other commuters with our matchlist program:
UTA Rideshare's computerized matching service can help people begin carpooling immediately.  Simply visit to create a profile and our carpool match program will have you on your way in no time. 
In many cases, employees create their own carpool by teaming up with friends or associates who live and work close to each other. A few phone calls is all it takes.

What if I don't have a match?
Your information will remain in the database unless you choose to remove it or mark it as inactive.  Be sure to check back periodically for new matches. Remember having your information in the system also allows others to find you when they need carpool matches.

Can I meet a Carpool somewhere other than my home?
Yes.  UTA has 170 Park & Ride lots along the Wasatch Front that are designed for commuters to meet their carpools, vanpools or bus.  A list of Park & Ride lots is located at Once you have registered you can click on the "Park & Ride" link.

High-Occupancy Vehicle Lane (HOV)

Commuters also have the option of using the High Occupancy Vehicle (carpool) lanes. Vehicles with two or more people are eligible to use the lane.  UDOT plans to expand the Express Lanes incrementally from Spanish Fork to Ogden as funding allows.  Express Lanes users may enter and exit the lanes at any of the access points (market by white-dotted striping) while the rest of the Express Lanes are marked with double solid white lines. Crossing the double white lines is illegal and will be issued a citation.

How does my contribution help?
The environmental benefits are obvious - improved air quality and decreased traffic congestion. Just as importantly, your efforts to improve the environment by participating in carpooling certainly reflect favorably on our planet.